Future project for Andorra to have its own airport

On June 19th, the Chamber of Commerce of Andorra will present in a public act the report related to the feasibility study to build its own airport in Andorran territory.

Currently, both to travel to Andorra and to leave the Principality by plane, the nearest airports are the following:

Greater capacity airports are those of Barcelona and Toulouse.

One of the reasons why the Principality does not have its own airport is related to the altitude at which it is located; the Pyrenees make the maneuvers for pilots complicated, although we must also highlight its small geographical space. However, a report by a French company indicates that building an airport with the capacity to land larger aircrafts than in the Lleida airport is doable. It would be located between Bordes d’Envalira and Grau Roig, and the airstrip would be larger than La Seu d’Urgell airport’s one (which is called “Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell” and is a few kilometers from Andorra).

This is not the first time that the Andorran Chamber of Commerce has requested a feasibility study for an airport (6 have been requested in the last 17 years). This indicates the importance they attach to this project as they consider it essential for Andorra’s economy to diversify and grow. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce will play an important role since it could be in charge or be part of its management. The airport could provide employment for many people and contribute to the city’s tourism. In addition, the airport could handle cargo planes, civilian planes, and private jets (rented by firms like Jettly).

Part of the feasibility studies include environmental impact, yielding positive results. The work could be divided into two parts, where the initial basic infrastructure would be around 200 million euros. Subsequently, with an investment similar to the initial one and when the volume of activity increases after a few years, the airport facilities would be finished.

It is a project that will boost the development of the Andorran economy, allowing direct access from many parts of the world. It will also have a positive effect on the inhabitants of the Principality since they will be able to enjoy an infrastructure similar to other European countries.