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Are you looking for a Coworking in Andorra? Then Smart Executive Center has just the right solution for you.

Who we are?
Smart Executive Center is a premium business center with 1600 square meters of modern working space in the heart of Andorra. We offer offices to local businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world. All major government institutions as well as the Comú of Andorra la Vella are located within 200 meters from our building. Parking spaces nearby are another great feature our tenants enjoy.

Why Andorra?
The small independent Principality offers you not only a picturesque landscape, but also a mountain paradise with low taxes. Attractive shopping opportunities regularly draw the inhabitants of both neighboring countries, Spain and France, as well as other international visitors. Winter is awaiting you with wonderful slopes covered in snow whereas the rest of the year presents itself with plenty opportunities to hike in between beautiful lakes and stunning waterfalls. No wonder, an estimated 9 million tourists make their way to Andorra every year, making tourism one of the most significant revenues of the country. The perfect place to mix business with pleasure.


What does Coworking in Andorra mean?

Coworking usually involves a shared workplace. Professionals, independent contractors and people who travel frequently prefer working in this type of office space, not only to save costs, but also to enjoy the company of others professionals. Instead of working in isolation, they meet new people and can exchange thoughts and ideas.

Nevertheless, Coworking usually refers to one office shared by many different people with different backgrounds. This option is not ideal for everybody. If somebody takes a phone call, for instance, everybody within the office will witness the conversation. Furthermore, if you do not get along with other tenants, there is no possibility to have privacy in this sense.

Zona de coworking en Andorra

Domicile your business in Andorra from 295 EUR per month

Sala de reuniones en Andorra

Smart Executive Center has the perfect solution for you. Apart from the traditional coworking open workspace, we also offer small private offices, which will allow you to enjoy a Coworking lifestyle as well since you have access to the common areas together with the coworkers. You will be in touch with our local staff and other coworkers as well as people that rent private offices, while still benefiting from your own private space. This is particularly beneficial for business calls and meetings.

Smart has 40 private offices and a large coworking area for 71 coworkers. There are options available for every type of profile, starting from EUR 295 per month with domiciled business.

Just take a look to the available options that Smart Executive Center can offer you: Hot Desks and Dedicated Desks. Depending on the stage your company is, choose the option that suits better with your needs.

Individual Coworking solutions in Andorra

If you decide for Coworking in Andorra these are the main advantages:

  • Save costs
  • Share infrastructure (conference rooms, bathrooms, cafeteria etc.)
  • Benefit from secretarial services (mail service etc.)
  • Great internet connection in all common areas
  • Safety 24-7

Interested? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly provide you with more information about our individualized solutions for Coworking in Andorra.

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