Andorra is not a tax haven

Posted April 7, 2021 / No comments

The Council of the European Union has published on 22 February 2021 the revised list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes, also known as tax havens. The changes to this list are based on the ratings published by the OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes. For the purposes of

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Have a company in Andorra while living in Spain

Posted December 3, 2020 / No comments

Thanks to new technologies, knowing what is going on in your company no longer depends on being there in person, but on having access to the information. Nowadays it is common to check bank accounts, sales reports, orders, accounts receivable, inventory, etc. from anywhere, simply by having a computer and an Internet access. For this

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COVID19 – Residency in Andorra for professionals of the digital economy

Posted August 15, 2020 / No comments

COVID19 has the changed the lives of many. It is obvious that with the upcoming fall and winter months many are wondering how intense a potential second or ongoing wave will be and if lock-downs will be put in place once more. Andorra is no exception. This small country surrounded by mountain ranges with limited

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Andorra Healthcare Explained

Posted August 23, 2018 / No comments

Andorra Healthcare Explained Like most countries in mainland Europe, Andorra has compulsory public with an optional private healthcare. Andorra’s social security system funds the healthcare system. In 2017, The Lancet published a the Healthcare Access and Quality Index (HAC). It ranked Andorra number 1 in the world with a HAC score of 95/100. In 2010

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How to be an Andorran Citizen

Posted August 6, 2018 / No comments

How to be an Andorran Citizen There are various methods to have acquired nationality according to the, ‘ley cualificada de la nacionalidad del 5 de octubre de 1995’. Becoming a citizen by descent or birth is similar to most EU countries. Citizenship via acquired nationality / naturalisation The most common form of citizenship is by

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New immigration law change enters into force active resident shareholders

Posted June 18, 2018 / No comments

15.000 EUR deposit for active shareholder residents “compte propi” enters into force Law 10/2018, 17 of May After our previous article in October and from the past month the modifications to the residency for active shareholders (autonomos / compte propi) finally enter into force on the 14th of June 2018. There may be a potential transition

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Further changes in immigration law + new requirements for active resident shareholders

Posted May 31, 2018 / No comments

Active shareholder residents finally need to leave a 15.000 EUR deposit Further to our previous article in October on potential changes to the immigration law there is a final vote on the potential modifications to the residency for active shareholders (autonomos / compte propi). As previously reported this change will affect all future active residents that

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Labor legislation in Andorra

Posted January 23, 2018 / No comments

Labor legislation in Andorra Have you wondered what labor legislation in Andorra offers to foreigners? According to Law 35 from December 2008, both contract parties have equal rights and obligations. Keep in mind that Andorra’s economy mainly focuses on tourism and trade – something that generally has favorable results concerning working legislation. We have outlined

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