About us

Who we are

“Andorra Solutions” is an internet platform of the firm Abast Global SL established in the Principality of Andorra. Abast Global is offering tax advisory services and collaborating with various partner firms. We are catering to individuals and companies doing business in Andorra or wishing to establish themselves in Andorra. Our firm is at your side together with a network of the most experienced professionals in the below mentioned fields.

We can serve you in Spanish, Catalan, French, English, German, Portuguese and Russian. It is important for us that you have the right contact from the beginning to make sure we can understand your needs and make a proper analysis of your situation. Abast Global is meant to connect you with what serves best your specific situation. Therefore we are not exclusively offering one firm or advisor, but collaborate with multiple firms and consultants. This allows us to offer you a wide range of expertise and contacts within the below fields.

Values and philosophy

Added value and Commitment
We offer solutions with high added value, through pragmatic and decisive interventions.

Work, Team and Innovation
The added value is based on the work of a highly specialized and skilled team, with an entrepreneurial spirit and an enormous capacity for adaptation and innovation.

Loyalty and Confidentiality
Loyalty and confidentiality are strictly necessary, as well as the identification, assessment and management of conflicts of interest to guarantee independent advice.

Honesty and Transparency
Honesty and transparency with the client in our approaches is essential to generate the necessary trust and to forge long-term relationships.

Our areas of expertise

International tax planning 84%
Company formation and corporate M&A 75%
Accounting and company maintenance 73%
Immigration and Residencies 60%
Corporate Maintenance and Compliance 57%

Partners and Associates

Marc Urgell

Marc Urgell is a decisive professional, with a deep knowledge of his practice area and a high capacity for effort and commitment to the client. He stands out for his capacity for leadership, anticipation and planning. Apart from his responsibilities with the firm he holds positions on administrative bodies in companies from different sectors, as well as teaching at some of the main business school in Barcelona.

Albert Barroso

Albert Barroso is a tax professional whose career has been developed almost entirely in the Principality of Andorra. His experience and specialized training give him a deep knowledge of the Andorran tax system as well as its institutions. It stands out for its work capacity, responsibility and diligence, being a highly specialized and decisive profile.

Elhadji M. Senghor

Elhadji M. Senghor is a professional with extensive experience in accounting and tax management of legal entities. His training in different jurisdictions, in the accounting, financial and tax fields, make him a very complete professional, with solid knowledge of Andorran taxation and a marked experience representing multinational groups in Andorra.

Patrick Mueller

Patrick Mueller stands out for his experience in international taxation, as well as for his professional trajectory in different jurisdictions including the United States, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Brazil. Involved in more than a dozen entrepreneurial set ups across continents over the past 20 years he has a profound insight into various industries.

Mariona Ramon

Mariona Ramon is a legal professional specializing in corporate and tax matters. She has developed her career in prestigious audit firms in Barcelona and in a local firm in Andorra, focusing on foreign investment in the Principality and advising on all its potential implications, eminently commercial, administrative and tax.

Berta Bonet

Berta Bonet is a professional with extensive experience in Andorran taxation, with more than 7 years as part of the tax team in a specialized local firm. Among her postgraduate studies, there is a specialization in international taxation and in sports and entertainment taxation.

Carla Riuvo

Carla is an expert in accounting and tax management of companies in Andorra. She is part of the accounting and tax management team, offering daily support to company clients with recurring accounting plans.

Fátima Durao

Fátima is a paralegal with extensive experience in Andorra. Assumes the administrative management of most of the procedures, formalities and processes related to the incorporation of companies and obtaining residence permits, among others.

Xavier Vilanova

Xavier Vilanova – Senior legal consultant.

Helena de Torres

Helena de Torres – Client manager.

Blanca Cisneros

Blanca Cisneros – Senior accountant.

Patricia Curiel

Patricia Curiel – Accountant.

Fermín Martija

Fermín Martija – Accountant.

André Ferreira

André Ferreira – Accountant.

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