Employment Solutions and Outsourcing in Andorra

Andorra Solutions has decades of experience in legal and immigration matters in Andorra. Assisting companies with their set up in Andorra we also cater to companies needing to hire remotely employees in Andorra through employer of record (EOR Andorra) services. Outsourced payroll solutions and finally legal immigration advise are popular options given the restrictions of local labor market and complexity of regulations for immigration.

Depending on the profile of the employee we may assist with direct placement or management among local Andorran companies or through EOR services.

Employer of Record Andorra

The perfect solution for employees based in Andorra enjoying tax benefits as well as low social security costs while working remotely in a beautiful environment with low cost of living.

Work place solutions Andorra

We may provide your employee a workspace in our associated coworking spaces or provide private offices tailor equipped for IT consultants and professionals. With more than 50 offices and over 60 coworking spaces we may provide an attractive and constructive networking environment for employees displaced in Andorra.

Payroll solutions Andorra

Our group includes an accountancy firm that provides direct payroll services and outsourcing of all payroll and staff related management. Monthly payroll in Andorra, paysheets and social security liquidations are handled by our payroll experts.

Legal services for contract drafting and employment related issues

Legal advise and counselling is essential when hiring staff and formalizing contract relationships. Whether it is direct employment in Andorra or subcontracting your employee through local employers of record our team can consult you on local regulations and administrative processes.

Indemnification and redundancy payments depend on the type of contract and legal advise is recommended prior to planning your HR decisions in Andorra.

Immigration solutions for hiring employees in Andorra

Andorra is an independent jurisdiction and has its immigration restrictions for non-resident workers. Hiring and recruiting an employee from outside of Andorra requires previous analysis of restrictions such as quotas for specific job profiles. Case by case scenarios need to be considered based on nationality, job description and activity scope of the hiring company. New companies may be restricted from hiring under some circumstances.

Workers need to go through a tedious immigration process with local authorities that our immigration advisors for working in Andorra may assist you with. Document gathering, analysis of profiles and assistance with filing requests and authorization are some of the tasks that our legal team is providing.

Tax advise for employees and employers

What tax implications are applicable for resident and non-resident employees? Filing withholding taxes if there is any or analyzing the tax impact of salaries and alternative benefits including stock options and bonuses. For technology companies this remuneration scheme is a popular option and combined with an attractive tax jurisdiction such as Andorra it is worth to analyze the consequences depending on circumstances.

Social security for resident and non-resident

Analyze social security treaties, health coverage plans. Explain and contemplate the costs of state pension obligatory or voluntary as well as private alternatives for social security coverage in Andorra.

International comparison and advise

Expats, remote workers, Spanish Beckham law cases and other specific cases of transnational employment relationships in multinational structures can be analyzed and compared by our legal and tax consultants.

Read more on the labor legislation and laws in Andorra as summary here.

Contact our team for feasibility analysis and EOR services.