Are you looking for tax accountants in Andorra? Andorra Solutions and their partners may organize and take care of all your accounting and auditing needs in Andorra. You are obligated by law to follow all tax laws and regulations which follow a similar system as the Spanish accounting laws. You may benefit from the low taxation but must comply with local requirements and accounting standards. The following services may be offered to you upon request:

Tax returns / declaration services

  • Preparation of tax returns and declarations (corporate taxes, income tax, VAT etc.)
  • Tax payment schedule
  • Tax settlement and presentation with authorities

Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping, ledger
  • Reviewing and classification of the documents submitted.
  • Recording accountant entry in the accountant journal.
  • Ledger maintenance and reconciliation of balances.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Monitoring and custody of books.
  • Fiscal year closing, formulation and approval of annual accounts.
  • Deposit of accounts in the Commercial Register.

Tax management

  • Preparation of tax returns (ISOC, IGI, IAE and IRNR).
  • Payments and annual settlement.
  • Presentation to the authorities.

All these services are available to you upon formation of your business or having established your residence in Andorra. Please ask for our monthly service plans.