Residency in Andorra

Are you planning to move to Andorra for your fiscal residency along with the set up of your business ? Or maybe you consider one of the many advantages of settling as passive resident in Andorra. Whatever brings you to Andorra you will need to get assistance with immigration matters, looking for a place to live or the relocation of your family and belongings.
Andorra offers several different types of residency depending on your profile. If you plan to set up a business and form a company in Andorra the active residency might be the right choice for you. Being the director and shareholder of an active business automatically gives you the right to ask for the active residence that entitles you to work for your own company.
However if your intention is to relocate to Andorra as part of your retirement plan you may consider the passive residency in Andorra.

We or our local partners assist you in the following processes:
– requesting your residency with local authorities (active or passive)
– assisting you with your local real estate search
– preparing your and your family’s relocation to Andorra (move, schooling, vehicles, banking etc.)

The different types of residency and the requirements that come along with each have to be very carefully analyzed and depend very much on your personal needs and plans for your future life as professional or passive resident.

The fiscal residence in Andorra brings unique advantages such as income taxes of maximum 10%, but also the high living standard that Andorra has to offer its residents. High per capita income, nearly no crime, excellent public school and health systems as well as a relatively low cost of living compared to other similar low income tax jurisdictions in Europe.

Residence in Andorra

We analyze the legal and fiscal implications for getting your residence in Andorra.

Real Estate

Whether you need a place to live or even need to invest into local real estate we get you in touch with the right professionals.

Family Welfare

We assist you with all your questions regarding schools, lifestyle, moving etc.

Language Courses

Interested in fully integrating, interacting with locals and becoming independent? We assist you with local language training.

Wealth Management

You will need to be introduced to a local bank before opening an bank account in Andorra. From that point on you will probably also require a financial advisor and adjust your wealth management to your new living and fiscal circumstances.

Continued Assistance

Preparing your file for residence, renewals, importing your car or moving your assets to Andorra. Let us make your life a bit easier with this process.