Family reunification in Andorra

What is the procedure for family reunification in Andorra?

Foreign individuals who decide to transfer their tax residency to Andorra lo hacen inicialmente por los beneficios fiscales que este país ofrece. However, by experiencing the quality of life offered by the Principality of Andorra at first hand, it can be very easy to decide to move their family as well. Andorra has one of the best health care systems in Europe. Education in Andorra is of excellent quality and multilingual (Catalan, French and Spanish). In short, the decision to move to Andorra has many advantages and we will now explain the steps to follow.

To begin with, family reunification can be requested by an Andorran citizen or by a person with a residency and work permit in Andorra who resides in the country.

According to the current legislation, family reunification can be applied for:

  1. Spouse or unmarried partner (stable couple)
  2. Your minor children and the minor children of the spouse for whom you have legal guardianship and custody
  3. Your adult children and the adult children of the spouse for whom you have legal custody, guardianship or care
  4. Dependent relatives in the ascending line who are at least 65 years old or already retired
  5. Other persons for whom they do not have parental authority but have legal guardianship

If the reunification is with a person of Andorran nationality, the residence permit has a maximum duration of 10 years. For the reunification with a non-Andorran person with an active residency, the residency permit is initially granted for 1 year, renewable 3 times for periods of 2 years. After 7 years of successive renewals, the next renewal is for 10 years. There are agreements between the Principality of Andorra and other countries that may vary the conditions of the residency authorisation for family reunification, so we recommend that you contact our consultants for further information on your case.

The documents required for this procedure include official forms to be completed, identification documents of the persons concerned, local certificates and certificates from the country of origin, etc. In addition, the applicant must present his or her identification document and prove sufficient financial means to support the persons he or she wishes to reunify.

There are different forms that must be completed and presented in this procedure. Also documents issued by the Andorran government. You can count on our assistance throughout the whole process.