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Andorra Solutions is the leading platform offering professional services for your company formation in Andorra or related services managed by the professional firm Abast Global SL. We are professional tax advisors and consultants that specialize in international tax planning for companies and individuals.

Andorra is quickly converting into Europe’s most attractive jurisdictions for international trading companies and wealth management. We will introduce you to the many advantages that forming your company in Andorra may have for your business. Discover the country with the lowest crime rate and cleanest air in Europe. Andorra is also attractive for those wishing to establish their fiscal residence in the principality.

Compare the different jurisdictions of Europe and see for yourself why Andorra may be your best choice. Having moved away from a fiscal paradise to a transparent low tax jurisdiction within a few years Andorra has made tremendous efforts and reforms to position itself in a competitive position alongside with Switzerland, Ireland, Luxemburg and Cyprus. However Andorra is different in many aspects and has potential to become more attractive for many business models.

Andorra Solutions will accompany you in each step such as company formation, tax advisory, international tax planning, personal residences as well as relocation services.

Our services

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    Andorra Company Formation

    A business entity in Andorra may be a solution for you to trade internationally enjoying all the advantages that Andorra has to offer.


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    Residency in Andorra

    You are thinking about moving your tax residency to Andorra. We can assist you with setting up your residence and finding a place to live.


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    International tax planning

    Speak with our consultants to find the perfect strategy according to your business model. Optimize your tax structure for your international expansion using Andorra’s tax jurisdiction.


Our solutions

IT freelancers and YouTubers living in Andorra

Do you work as IT freelancer or YouTuber ? Do you work remotely for your clients ? Consider invoicing your clients or receiving your ad revenues living in Andorra.

Retirement in Andorra

Are you considering living in Andorra for retirement? Would you like to benefit from your pension and wealth while living in one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world?

E-Commerce merchant in Andorra

Do you sell goods or services on the internet? Would you like to optimize your business model for your fulfillment, taxation and living quality for yourself.

Take advantage of what Andorra has to offer!

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    High living standards + per capita income

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    Europe’s lowest corporate tax rate

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    Nearly non-existing crime rate

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    Beautiful mountain scenery

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    Excellent public schools

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    Low living and housing expenses

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    100% open for foreign investment

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    High speed fiber optic Internet countrywide

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    Sophisticated public health system

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    Bilingual/ trilingual population

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