Agreement to avoid double taxation between the Netherlands and Andorra

Posted January 4, 2021 / No comments

Since October 2020, Andorra has been an official member of the IMF. The member countries are organized in groups with mutual interests. Andorra applied to join the group led by Belgium and the Netherlands, due to the financial similarities they share. In November 2020, Eric Jover, Minister of Finance of the Principality of Andorra, met

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Andorra advances with new agreements against double taxation

Posted September 16, 2020 / No comments

Andorra continues to work on foreign policy issues with new tax conventions to avoid double taxation. Andorran foreign affairs minister Maria Ubach has reported that the next agreements to be signed will be with the Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary. Currently the Principality of Andorra has signed agreements to avoid double taxation with the following countries:

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Ratified double taxation agreement with Portugal

Posted April 20, 2017 / No comments

In February 2017, by Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Portugal ratified the resolution of the Portuguese Assembly approving the agreement signed between Andorra and Portugal to avoid double taxation (DTA), preventing tax evasion. This DTA is in addition to the other four currently in force: Spain, France, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. With this new agreement,

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Double taxation agreement in 2017

Posted December 30, 2016 / No comments

At the end of September 2016 Andorra began the process for the General Council to ratify the agreement with Portugal to avoid double taxation and also prevent tax evasion. For its part Portugal has approved the procedure of the agreement to the Assembly of the Republic, once completed its internal procedures. We recall that the

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Double tax treaty Andorra – Liechtenstein

Posted December 21, 2016 / No comments

The agreement to avoid double taxation between Andorra and Liechtenstein came into force since both states comply with its internal requirements for mutual notification. This prevents both tax evasion related to income taxes and wealth tax. This double taxation agreement was signed on 30 September 2015 in New York by the foreign ministers Gilbert Savoy

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Andorra and Spain sign double tax avoidance treaty

Posted January 9, 2015 / No comments

On January 8th the presidents of Andorra and Spain have signed the double tax avoidance agreement between both countries. The treaty will now have to be ratified by each country’s parlament before it may enter into effect. Andorra has high expectations from this new treaty as it will facilitate foreign direct investment of mostly Spanish

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Andorra expected to sign double tax treaty with Spain

Posted October 10, 2014 / No comments

Andorra is expected to sign a DTA (double tax agreement) treaty with Spain in December 2014. Spanish president Mariano Rajoy will travel to the principality of Andorra this December to sign the final version of the double tax treaty avoidance agreement between Spain and the Principality of Andorra. Negotiations over a final draft had started

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