Andorra Tax Planning and Advisory

Adapt your business model to today’s challenges considering tax advisory in Andorra

In today’s global economy we compete not only with quality and pricing but also with the taxation on our activity. With more global competition and increasing pressure on margins in many sectors it is worth to not only reconsider your cost structure, but also the tax burden of your business model. Tax advisory is fundamental to optimize your taxation not just for your company but also shareholders and stakeholders. Many types of different taxes might be affecting you at different steps of the supply chain. Starting from VAT (Value Added or Sales Tax) for your end consumers over duties and customs on your trading activities to corporate taxation of your profits. Reducing and optimizing your tax burden to the reality of your business model will help you to enhance your margins and ultimately support the growth and expansion of your business. This is where tax planning with an Andorran corporate entity will be the key.

It may be a new business line, a new market to expand to or a new model of operating your business that will open up new opportunities or restructuring your current business with a newly formed entity in Andorra. But also for those starting up new activities and companies especially with intangibles such as in the technological sector might find Andorra a suitable location. Each business model is a different case and there is no off the shelve solution. That is why we as professional tax advisors in Andorra carefully study the following to make a first assessment of your case:

– current business model (type of product or service)
– current jurisdiction
– your current tax base
– your plans for the future
– ownership structure

We will then introduce you to the Andorran tax jurisdiction and how your business or personal tax planning might fit. Andorra has gone through tremendous changes in the past five years to move away from a “tax haven” status to a transparent, modern and low tax jurisdiction. Those changes are continuing and will position Andorra among other jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Luxembourg or Cyprus. If you need more information about substance requirements in Andorra, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to get you to speak with one of our tax planning professionals.

Step by step process

Analyze your current business

We analyze your current business model to explore the tax planning alternatives you have.

Prepare alternative solutions

We go together through the possible solutions for your tax planning that fit your needs at present and for the future.

Answer your questions

We assist you with all your questions and any doubts you might have.


We form your new Andorran company or/and assist you with establishing your personal residence in Andorra.

Continued Assistance

Preparing your annual declarations, maintaining your accounting books or giving you continous advise and assistance once your project is up and running.