Changes in Andorra immigration law 2022

On 21 April 2022, certain changes related to the Immigration Law in Andorra came into force, modifying requirements for family reunification and the deposits required before the AFA for passive residents in Andorra. These changes are reflected in the Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra – BOPA No. 48.

Below we will detail the changes included in Law 7/2022 of 31 March 2022, on electronic access to the Andorran Administration of Justice.

Family reunification of holders of a residence and work permit for self-employed individuals or salaried persons in Andorra

New applicants for residence permits through family reunification in Andorra will be able to start this procedure after 3 months of effective residence in Andorra, regardless of their nationality of origin. It should be remembered that most nationalities had to wait 1 year before starting this process, and the most privileged were those of Spanish, French and Portuguese nationality who could do so after 3 months. With this modification, the waiting time is the same, regardless of nationality.

For this procedure, effective residence in Andorra must be accredited by presenting 3 full monthly payments of Andorran social security contributions, regardless of nationality. Previously, Spaniards, French and Portuguese had to accredit only 1 month of effective residence to start this procedure and now they will have to wait 3 months, like the rest.

In regard to the economic solvency that the effective resident in Andorra must prove in order to proceed with reunification, the modification of the Law establishes an increase in the required percentages of the minimum interprofessional salary.

  • To reunify an adult, you must have a financial capacity of 70% of the minimum interprofessional salary, at the time of making the application. Previously it was 50%.
  • To reunite a minor, you must have a financial capacity of 40% of the minimum interprofessional salary, at the time of making the application. Previously it was 30%.

Changes in deposits and administrative fees for new passive residents in Andorra

New applicants for passive residency in Andorra will be affected by the modification of the Immigration Law as follows:

  • The deposit with the Autoritat Financera Andorrana – AFA of €50,000 for a passive residence permit holder goes to €47,500 and the deposit of €10,000 for each dependant goes to €9,500.
  • The fee for the holder of a passive residence permit is 2,500 euros, whereas before it was 224.61 euros. And for each dependant, it goes from 190.96 euros to 500 euros.

It should be noted that the deposits with the AFA are non-remunerated and returnable, once the residence permit is dissolved. However, the fees are administrative costs associated with the procedure requested.