Fiscal Control Plan Andorra 2023

The Fiscal Control Plan of Andorra (FCP) for the exercise 2023 was published in the Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra (BOPA) on June 7, 2023.

The FCP serves to prevent and correct tax fraud in the country. For this reason, each year the Ministry of Finance of Andorra creates the FCP which groups together the control actions to be carried out through the various government entities. This serves to ensure that taxpayers’ tax obligations are met.

Andorra, through the Tax Authorities, is obliged to assist and inform taxpayers in all matters relating to their tax rights and obligations. Therefore, the Law establishes that each year, it must publicize the general criteria present in the Fiscal Control Plan and the actions to be carried out.

The tax department of ABAST – Andorra Solution, led by Berta Bonet, with the collaboration of Laura Lobón and Laura Palomera, has prepared a summary of the main lines of action of the Fiscal Control Plan in Andorra for the year 2023, grouped by tax.

In general terms, the actions of the FCP 2023 in Andorra are grouped into 4 sections. Each one of them with specific actions in each tax:

  1. Tax Inspection Plan
  2. Tax Management Plan
  3. Collection Plan
  4. Customs Verification Plan

You can also download the FCP Andorra 2023 report from this link.

If you would like to obtain more information about the Fiscal Control Plan in Andorra 2023 or need the assistance of a professional expert in the Andorran fiscal area, you can fill out our contact form and we will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.