Negotiations completed on tax treaty between Andorra and Belgium

Andorra and Belgium have successfully completed negotiations on a new tax treaty to eliminate double taxation between the two countries. The aim of this agreement will affect income and capital taxation, as well as the prevention of tax evasion and avoidance. This was announced by the Government of Andorra in an official communiqué on 25 May 2023.

Two separate rounds of negotiations were held, which enabled the text to be finalised during the second meeting, which was conducted telematically. In this last session, the persons in charge were the advisor of the Tax Legislation Division of the Department of Strategic Evaluation and Support Staff of the Federal Public Finance Service of Belgium, Harald Piérard, and the Director of Taxation and Borders of Andorra, Carles Ferreira. The negotiations have been completed with the final text heading by the two countries.

Once the negotiations have been completed, the next step is for both countries to initiate the necessary internal legal procedures to be able to sign the Convention, and subsequently approve its ratification so that it can enter into force.

With this Convention for the elimination of double taxation and the prevention of tax evasion and avoidance, Andorra has now negotiated 17 treaties. Thus, the Kingdom of Belgium is added to the existing list of countries: United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta , Portugal, Cyprus, San Marino, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Croatia, Monaco, Iceland and South Korea.