Residence permit for digital nomads in Andorra

Since 2023, it is possible to apply for a residence permit for digital nomads in Andorra. The Pyrenean country joins the list of countries that welcome these professionals, whose special feature is that they move around the world and what they need to work is a computer and Internet access.

You can find out more about digital nomads in Andorra by visiting our page, where we have summarised general information about this type of residence in Andorra. For example, the duration of the residence permit and its renewals, the requirements to apply for the residence permit, what the applicant’s profile should be like, the differences between a remote worker and a digital nomad, etc.

In addition, the Govern d’Andorra requires general documentation from the applicant to be submitted with the application.

Regarding the procedure for applying for the residence permit for digital nomads in Andorra, we highlight the following:

  • All official documents that have been issued by authorities of foreign states, must be presented authenticated with the apostille of the Hague Convention or duly legalised.
  • It is necessary to register with the Comú of the parish in which you reside within a maximum period of 1 month from the date on which the immigration authorisation is granted and to justify this registration within the same period.

More information on the residence permit for digital nomads in Andorra can be found in Law 42/2022 on the digital economy, entrepreneurship and innovation, Title V “Immigration authorisations for digital nomads, entrepreneur visas and other immigration measures to favour the digital economy, entrepreneurship and innovation”. It explains the new residence modalities in Andorra for foreigners who contribute to the development of the digital economy, entrepreneurship or innovation in the country.

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