Increase in income for family reunification in Andorra

The Andorran government increased the minimum income required to apply for family reunification in Andorra by amending the Regulations of the Immigration Service. It was decided to take the route of the regulation, as a legislative modification would mean a longer approval time. Andorra’s Minister of Justice and Home Affairs, Ester Molné, considers that immigration “is a very lively issue and the regulation has to be adapted to the current situation”.

The applicant’s financial capacity is calculated on the basis of the minimum wage in Andorra. The Andorran resident will have to prove that he/she has at least a monthly income equivalent to 100% of the salary for him/herself, 100% for each adult he/she wants to reunite and 70% for each minor. Last year, the regulation had already been modified, bringing the requirement to 70% of the minimum interprofessional salary for each adult to be reunited and 40% for each minor.

As an example, if a resident in Andorra wants to regroup his or her partner and 2 minor children, based on the salary of 2023 which corresponds to 1286.13 euros per month, the minimum economic capacity required will increase from 3215 euros to 4373 euros per month. You will find the breakdown of the calculation below:

Regulation 2022 Regulation 2023
Applicant 1286.13 1286.13
Partner 900.29 1286.13
Minor children (2) 514.45 x 2 = 1028.90 900.29 x 2 = 1800.58
TOTAL 3215.32 4372.84

Minister Ester Molné reported on this modification of the immigration service regulations, which was approved by the Council of Ministers on 7 June 2023. This measure is in line with the current situation and, as the minister stated, “in order to make the modification, it has been considered that the increase in the cost of living means that the applicant’s salary must also be higher in order to be able to support their reunited family members, thus avoiding falling into a situation of unwanted precariousness”.