New changes to Andorra’s immigration law 2022-2023

On December 1, 2022, the Andorran Parliament voted and approved the proposed amendment to the Immigration Law. One of the changes of this Law directly affects future active self-employed residents and also future passive residents (residence permits without employment). It has to do with the amount they will have to deposit with the AFA as a requirement for obtaining residency in Andorra.

  • Individuals applying for active residence, work permit for shareholders, through the incorporation of an Andorran company, will have to make a non-remunerated deposit to the Government of Andorra of 50,000 euros instead of the 15,000 euros previously requested.
  • Applicants for a passive residency, residence permits without employment in Andorra will have to make a total investment in the Principality of Andorra of 600,000 euros, previously 400,000 euros. In order for the real estate investment to be counted towards the total investment, it will each have to be at least 400,000 euros. However, if the investment is made in a housing fund promoted by the Andorran government, the deposit would remain at 400,000 euros.

These changes to the Immigration Law outlined here will not affect current holders of a residence permit in Andorra.

Although we do not have an official date for the entry into force of these changes, according to the usual Andorran parliamentary practice, it is likely that they will take place at the end of December 2022, before the end of the year.

We consider that the activation of the new deposits will be imminent and will directly affect all immigration files submitted from the same date that the modification of the Law enters into force, and therefore, on applications submitted in 2023.

Lastly, for persons who apply for residence as employees in Andorra or who obtain residence through family regrouping, the exemption from any deposit will continue to be maintained.

Andorra’s immigration law change 2023

This video covers the new changes in Andorra’s immigration law and how it affects new active and passive resident applications for 2023 onwards. Basically, the increase of the deposit to obtain the active residency in Andorra and the increase in the investment required for the passive residency in Andorra.