Andorra counts with two new notaries public

On April 9, 2021, the two new notaries, Jordi Junyer and Jordi París, took the oath of office before the Minister of Justice and Interior, Josep Maria Rossell. Both have held mayoral positions in the Principality so they are well known personalities for the Andorrans. From now on Andorra has 5 notaries that will cover the needs of the Andorran users. Let’s remember that since February 20, 2020 the Principality of Andorra had only 3 notaries. Although the president of the Chamber of Notaries of Andorra, Joan Carles Rodríguez Miñana, commented in these days that during that period the situation was under control, the truth is that some delays were experienced as in the procedures for the incorporation of new companies. After the swearing-in ceremony, Jordi Junyer stated: “I believe that right now with 5 active notaries the country can face all the challenges that may arise, because we already have 3 experienced notaries and the 2 new ones enter with enthusiasm and strength, and we believe that we can give the answer that the country needs and deserves”.

We are sure that this news is very positive for everyone since the new notaries went through a strict competitive process where 13 candidates in total participated and they were the ones who obtained the highest qualifications. They have also successfully passed the strict training period. With this we want to emphasize that Andorra now has 5 highly qualified professionals to meet the needs of the country, which will speed up the capacity to process notarial signatures.

Visit our web page of notaries in Andorra where we will update as soon as possible the contact information of the new notaries.