Fast Internet connection: fibre internet up to 1Gb available for individuals in Andorra

It is increasingly common for people working from home to need a fast Internet connection. Recall that teleworking from Andorra was common during the months of confinement by COVID and this experience showed that the efficiency of workers does not always depend on their being present in the office. For this reason it is and will become more common in time for companies to let their employees combine working both in the office and from home. And of course, we must not forget the self-employed in Andorra who normally carry out their professional activity from their “office” at home and also require a fast Internet connection.

Carles Casadevall, spokesman for Andorra Telecom, the company responsible for telecommunications in Andorra, pointed out that “In recent months, due to the increasing number of people teleworking, homes have become small offices”. And it was not only workers who needed a good Internet connection, as students also had to telestudy. Casadevall points out that this general situation “has increased the need for a high bandwidth Internet connection at home”.

Although it is true that in Andorra there is total fibre optic coverage, which allows for reliability and reduces connection incidents, until now 1 GB fibre optic was only offered to companies. Domestic users could contract Internet speeds of up to 700 Mbps. This has now changed, improving the connection at home, giving all users the possibility of having up to 1 GB speed.