How to be an Andorran Citizen

There are various methods to have acquired nationality according to the ‘ley cualificada de la nacionalidad del 5 de octubre de 1995’. Becoming a citizen by descent or birth is similar to most EU countries.

Citizenship via acquired nationality / naturalisation

The most common form of citizenship is by non-native passive or active Andorran individuals with 20 years of residency. They then may apply for Citizenship (Art. 11). Individuals must pass a Catalan language, Andorra history and a geography exam.

Once qualifying to being allowed to apply for citizenship they have 5 years to pass the exams. During this time, the individual must present a current nationality renunciation document to obtain the Andorran nationality and passport.

At the time of writing, the Principality’s Government looks to investigate reducing or disregarding residence time length in a future bill. For minors to be educated in Andorra between 6 to 16 years old will have citizenship in 10 years of living there (Art. 11.2).

Andorran Citizenship Through Marriage

A non-native Andorran with 3 years of residency and who contracts marriage with an Andorran native (Art 10) is entitled to citizenship. This may be 3 years before or after the day of wedlock. An individual of foreign birth with 15 years of residency and with Andorran heritage – a native citizen grandparent, is entitled to citizenship. (Art. 9.2).

Andorran Dual Nationality Citizenship

Unlike Spain, Andorra does not accept dual nationality citizenship. One must give up present nationality and passport to become a citizen.

Becoming an Andorran Citizen by descent

  • Children of Andorran citizens born domestically (Art. 1) and in another country (Art.2) are entitled to citizenship.

Andorran citizenship is entitled by birth

  • A child born to foreign parents having completed 10 years of residency will be entitled to citizenship. If neither parent has reached 10 years of residence, the minor as is entitled to a provisional passport. (Art. 6.)
  • Children under 14 years old adopted by Andorran or foreign citizens and resident in Andorra for 10 years minimum, then the child is entitled to obtain a provisional passport (Art. 2 and Art 8.1, 8.2)

It takes a long time to get acquired citizenship. Care must be taken once it is achieved. It is forfeited if an individual becomes another country’s citizen. Simply, you have dual nationality, which is illegal. Individuals may not work for nor bear arms for the non-domestic government.

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