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Project description

IT specialists and YouTubers typically work as freelancers and in most cases are providing their services over distance to their clients. This gives you a certain flexibility to choose where you are based and you may choose your country of residence based on your personal preferences rather than where your client is based. Andorra offers unique advantages to YouTubers and IT specialists that decide to set up their home in Andorra. Fast fiber optics internet, low living costs and a beautiful mountain environment for those that enjoy an active lifestyle. All this within 2.5h reach from Barcelona, one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities.

Many freelancers do not operate through a legal entity, but are invoicing for their services under their own name. Unfortunately Andorra does not facilitate entry to freelancers only unless they are associated to specific professions that typically operate a professionals (doctors, scientists, architects etc.). Therefore we recommend the creation of a company in Andorra that formalizes your activity under a properly established entity. Based on the participation in a company and being one of the directors you may then formally request your residency in Andorra.


To meet with the local immigration requirements you may claim residency if you are participating in a company with at least 10% and work as active board member or director for the company. Therefore the first step for your project in Andorra is the set-up of a company.

Requirements for the setup of an IT service company + active residency

  • Present a business plan and forecast of estimated turnover
  • Provide criminal / police records from the country of birth / current residence for all shareholders with over 10% participation
  • 3000 EUR in capital for an SL / 60.000 EUR for an SA
  • Pass compliance process with local banks (provide tax declarations, origin of funds etc.)
  • Minimum two visits during the incorporation process (notary, bank introduction)
  • Have sufficient substance, explained here:
  • Spend a minimum of 183 days per year in Andorra
  • Participate with a minimum of 34% of the shares in the company
  • Be actively part of the board / management of the company
  • Leave a deposit of 50,000 EUR with the Andorran government
  • Pay social security contributions of a minimum of 450 EUR per month
  • Maintain a salary sufficiently high to cover your living expenses
  • Have clean criminal / police records from your country of birth / current residence

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