FIABCI Andorra congress – Andorra’s real estate market going global

Over the last years, interest in Andorra’s real estate market has been growing rapidly. Therefore, the Congress of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) has decided to host their meeting in the Congress Centre of Andorra La Vella from 23 to 28 May of 2017. It will be the 68th Congress of its type and is expected to attract about 900 real estate experts from over 60 countries. The Congress is well-known in the real estate market industry and is highly appreciated by international market professionals. It provides a platform for sharing information and conducting international real estate business. Professionals of all relevant real estate disciplines like architecture, planning, insurance, brokerage, property management, appraisal, investment, development, consulting and legal matters will visit the FIABCI Andorra.

The growing market in Andorra has provided investors from all around the world the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the real estate market. After getting an appraisal for a particular piece of real estate, almost anyone, independent of working in the business, could invest in Andorran land, either for commercial purposes or to make a retirement home. Real estate developers especially are always looking for new opportunities. Land is a scarce resource, after all, and Andorra being opened up to global investment is sure to boost its economy. As for financing such a cross-continental project, you could get help from people like Lincoln Frost and others who have a global network and secure equity on a daily basis. Local developers would also like to get in on the action due to a rise in opportunities. This is why the FIABCI took an interest in the Andorran real estate scene in the first place.

Members of the FIABCI are dedicated to many different areas of real estate business, such as commercial properties, luxury, resorts, industrial buildings, residential areas or retail. Participants from 65 countries within Africa, Arabia, South- and North America, Asia and Europe will visit the Congress. Those interested in the global real estate market can step into this vast business world with the help of a real estate internship (check it out here to learn more) with established firms or independent agents across the world. A thriving industry with plenty of opportunity, real estate promises a fulfilling career for those willing to explore it. With about 3000 individual members, 100 Professional Associations and 65 Academic Institutions, FIABCI is one of the most important organization of the real estate industry worldwide. It also plays an important role in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations and provides one of the best platforms and representations within the international real estate market.

The President of Andorra will lead the opening ceremony, followed by renowned speakers, such as the FIABCI International President, Kirkor Ajderhanyan, Secretary of State for economic diversification, Josep Maria Missé as well as the FIABCI Andorra President, Jordi Ribó. Famous French architect Jean Novel will open the technical conferences on Friday, May 26. The general theme of the conference will be Smart City and Smart Building.

The FIABCI Andorra Congress will cost about 400.000 Euros and will open its doors to members, as well as non-members interested in developing business relationships. The ACT Initiative, the Government of Andorra, Crèdit Andorr , Andorra Convention Bureau, Comú d Andorra la Vella, AGIA and On Viure sponsor the Conference, whereas Andorra Telecom will provide all necessary technological support. Before the conference, various FIABCI business meetings will take place.

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