Andorra Company Search Registry

Search Andorran Company Registry Records

The Principality of Andorra doesn’t give public access to Andorran company records. Searches for registry information such as company ownership information, shareholders, activity and company address need to be processed and are not directly accessible unless you have legal entitlement, are a local professional and have paid and limited access. We may process the information for our clients typically within 24 hours or even expedite it. The cost is between 75 and 95 EUR + 4.5% VAT when applicable and only for companies that exist in the registry.

Some of the information included concerns :

Legal name and Identity, current status as well as historical Status
Date Company Established in Andorra
Andorra Company Registration Number
Full Name +Address in the Principality
Ownership / Management information behind the company
Authorised/Issued/Paid Up Share Capital
Shareholders behind the company
Principal Directors
Activities & Operations
Business Category & Activity
Andorra Public Record Information
Seizures of company assets due to / related to debt not paid

For our clients that research Andorran entities we may process this request of information upon inquiry. Please send us a contact form to assist your search.

If you consider company due dilligence in Andorra and other company related information we may also offer a full report depending on the scope and type of company.

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