Recognition of university titles in Andorra

Any university degree from a country with which Andorra does not have an agreement will have to go through a process of recognition – homologation, and must be previously legalised in order to be valid in Andorra, either with the Hague Apostille, if the country of origin of the document belongs to this agreement, or by means of the traditional diplomatic legalisation procedure. You can find more information at Legalisation of documents in Andorra.

The recognition of official qualifications from the Spanish education system is automatic in Andorra, whether they are university degrees or not. Even higher education degrees from Portugal are automatically recognised in Andorra and vice versa, thanks to an agreement signed by both countries in 2019. The same applies to France in terms of recognition. So studying in Andorra opens up a range of opportunities for local students. If you would like us to advise you on how to continue your university studies in neighbouring countries, please contact us so that our associate advisors can inform you.

A curious fact about Andorra is that it has a multilingual education system. For families thinking of moving to this Pyrenean country, we would like to inform you that residents in the Principality of Andorra have the advantage of choosing for their children an education in Catalan, French or Spanish as their main language. For this reason, if in the future the desired university speciality is not offered in the country, students have the advantage of being able to go to Spanish and French universities to complete their studies.

Procedure for the recognition of university degrees in Andorra

The procedure for the recognition of university degrees in Andorra must be carried out at the Servei de Tràmits del Govern d’Andorra. For the recognition of the academic degree, Andorra Solutions manages this service exclusively for its business clients together with the commercial and activity authorization request along with residency in Andorra. Our associates who are experts in these procedures will be able to assist you throughout the process.

The documents that must accompany your application are as follows:

  • Application for academic recognition of higher education qualifications
  • Photocopy of passport or identity card for non-Andorran nationals
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Degree to be recognised (photocopy in accordance with the original duly legalised: Hague Apostille or diplomatic channels)
  • Transcript of records or European diploma supplement for the degree to be recognised (photocopy of the original duly legalised: Apostille of The Hague or via diplomatic channels).
  • Sworn translation into Catalan of documents written in Catalan, Spanish or French.

The Andorran authorities will issue a decision on this application within a maximum period of 2 months.

We invite you to contact us to offer you our advisory service for this recognition procedure.