Driving licenses in Andorra

What do I have to do with my driver's license?

Those foreigners who have a residence permit in Andorra can obtain a national driving license, but if they already have a driving license issued in their country of origin, they are obliged to replace it with an Andorran one. The process of homologation of the driver’s license must be done within the first 6 months from the entry into force of their residency in the country. It is important that the driving license is valid when presented for the homologation process and that it has not been obtained after obtaining the residence in Andorra.

Automatic homologation is allowed for driving licenses issued by any member of the European Union, as long as there is a bilateral agreement in force, or for licenses from other countries that also have bilateral agreements with Andorra. For all other cases, translated documents, certificates and the passing of a practical test in Andorra will be required.

Whether it is for the homologation of your driver’s license or obtaining a new one, our associates can assist you throughout the entire process. Contact us for a personalized assistance.