Our firm is acting as family office for multiple clients that have moved their interests, assets and relocated successfully to Andorra. Centralized management of all theirs affairs going beyond wealth management and tax planning. With specialists in the areas of investment, tax compliance and relocation we may cover all the needs that you and your family may have when considering Andorra as your home base.

Family office solutions

Tailor-made solutions for your individual needs such as inheritance planning, wealth management assistance, tax and accounting or fully outsourced solutions for different service bundles are available. We may design the service around what you and your family’s actual needs.

Different departments for the different needs of your family

Our immigration and relocation department may assist you with the basic lifestyle needs when arriving in Andorra.

Our tax advisory specialists may inform you on the proper tax planning, how to be compliant with local tax and accountancy laws as well as inheritance, estate and legacy planning with international cross-border aspects and challenges.

Finally our accountants and financial analysts offer solutions for your international wealth management out of Andorra and keeping your company and personal books compliant with local and international compliance and regulations.

Beyond our in-house family office services we also have networks and agreements with insurance providers and contact with the local social security and immigration departments.

Special needs including concierge services we may provide or arrange at each family’s convenience to manage their individual lifestyle requirements.

Discover Andorra as base for your family’s international activities

Andorra has so much to offer to international families, but they need professional support for the day-to-day administration and management of family affairs. Discover our firm’s range of unique and specialized services based on decades of experience in accommodating families with special requirements.

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