Elhadji Senghor

Elhadji M. Senghor is a professional with extensive experience in accounting and tax management of legal entities. His training in different jurisdictions, in the accounting, financial and tax fields, make him a very complete professional, with solid knowledge of Andorran taxation and a marked experience representing multinational groups in Andorra.

  • Professional profile and trajectory

    Elhadji is a partner in the firm. During his first 10 years of professional career, he has been linked to multinational audit firms in France and Senegal, to later settle in Andorra and specialize in the field of auditing and taxation in that jurisdiction.

    During the last four years in the Principality of Andorra, he has assisted numerous companies in relation to tax obligations in Andorra, as well as acted as a tax representative of various multinational groups for the purposes of their tax compliance in the Principality.

    Apart from his professional activity, he has published various publications in the tax and financial field, among which is “Earnings management in Spanish banking sector during the 2008 financial crisis”.

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