Andorra unemployment rate hits a record low of 1.7%

Posted February 12, 2018 / No comments

Andorra continues a path of solid economic growth with the unemployment touching a record low of 1.7%. The Andorra government presented last week their economic indicators for 2017 in terms of economic performance in Andorra. A net growth of 490 additional businesses have opened in 2017. The growth in Andorran economic activity also translates into

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Labor legislation in Andorra

Posted January 23, 2018 / No comments

Labor legislation in Andorra Have you wondered what labor legislation in Andorra offers to foreigners? According to Law 35 from December 2008, both contract parties have equal rights and obligations. Keep in mind that Andorra’s economy mainly focuses on tourism and trade – something that generally has favorable results concerning working legislation. We have outlined

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Andorra, Monaco and San Marino join forces

Posted December 28, 2017 / No comments

Andorra, Monaco and San Marino join forces to negotiate an association agreement with the EU that suits each country In November Andorra hosted a meeting between representatives of Andorra, Monaco and San Marino. The intention is to deepen in the points that these three states have in common to negotiate an association agreement with the

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Andorra – an attractive location for retired executives

Posted October 13, 2017 / No comments

Andorra – an attractive location for retired executives For the past years, relocating to Andorra has turned into a growing trend. Among other enticing reasons, the tax friendly policy of the principality has also contributed its share to attracting more and more retired executives. Not only does the country offer wonderful mountain views, many activities

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Important changes in immigration law + requirements for active residents

Posted October 5, 2017 / No comments

Active residents required to leave a 30.000 EUR deposit The Andorran government has released information to local press that an immigration law change is imminent. This change would affect all future active residents that apply for residence through the creation of a company in Andorra / working actively as director and participating with a minimum

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Andorra and Latvia start negotiating a double taxation agreement

Posted May 8, 2017 / No comments

Negotiations will soon begin between Andorra and Latvia. At the end of April 2017, Andorra’s foreign minister Gilbert Savoy and his Latvian counterpart Edgars Rinkevic held a working meeting to close the DTA, which will avoid double taxation between the two countries. The Andorran minister has delivered the draft of the agreement, which will allow

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Ratified double taxation agreement with Portugal

Posted April 20, 2017 / No comments

In February 2017, by Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Portugal ratified the resolution of the Portuguese Assembly approving the agreement signed between Andorra and Portugal to avoid double taxation (DTA), preventing tax evasion. This DTA is in addition to the other four currently in force: Spain, France, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. With this new agreement,

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Business Meeting Andorra – China

Posted March 21, 2017 / No comments

Recently, the Foreign Minister of Andorra Gilbert Saboya opened the second Meeting between Andorra and China. Companies from Andorra and China, accompanied by the Chinese ambassador Lyu Hacen, participated. Gilbert Saboya explained the invited delegations the opportunities of investment and business in Andorra and the current possibility of creating companies with 100% foreign capital. He

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Andorra is on track for fiscal transparency

Posted January 17, 2017 / No comments

Andorra and the EU exchange tax information from 1 January 2017 automatically, although the first communication will be made in 2018. In this way the agreement signed in February 2016 between Andorra and Brussels is applied with the aim of preventing tax fraud. It is also a clear message for potential evaders that hiding income

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